5 reasons to be *Present* at Lucidity’s Kindred Quest
16 Mar 2015

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… Lucidity 2015: Kindred Quest . April 10-12 . Santa Barbara, CA …

In year four of Lucidity’s six-year story arc, festival coordinators invite attendees on a Kindred Quest and ask participants, “How do we live in the world in right relationship with each other and the planet? ” And,  “How do we transform our cultures and societies to make space for a brighter future for our children’s children?”  Lucidity suggests we look to our ancestors for guidance and through the Kinderd Quest, sets a conscious intention to honor the indigenous knowledge systems that have not been lost in translation, but perhaps hidden by the rapid development of  present day society.  This year’s theme encourages community and suggests that our collectiveness has the power to heal and help us rise up. Together we can accomplish anything.


Photo by David Pricco

Graciously again, Lucidity festival will offer a magical experience infused with education that is sure to take you and your consciousness to a whole new height. Well known for the healing it offers, its amazingly colorful community, top musical talents and fun and creative play, Lucidity is your place to let go and become fully alive. From firsthand Sparkleberry experience,  we also promise that your heart will  be deeply caressed and loved so innately that you cannot help but glow and reciprocate this love to the whole world around you.



Photo by David Pricco

Lucidity Festival will be located at Live Oak Ranch in Santa Ynez, California for the fourth year. Situated in the hills of Santa Barbara, this location is just over a thirty-minute drive from the refreshing Pacific Ocean. If you want some more adventure before or after the festival, Lucidity is also a thirty minute drive from Nojoqui Falls Park, which hosts great hiking and… WATERFALLS! You can easily extend your Lucid Journey by adding some days camping in the surrounding areas and chilling by the beach. Santa Ynez is also a great spot for wineries and with about a dozen in the area you can ride through the ‘Wine Trail’ if you feel like getting your fix of some tasty grape juice.

This location is the perfect place to rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle you are probably finding in your home city. Get ready to awaken your senses, spirit, and mind in the beautiful nature that is Lucidity.



Photo by Toni Tone Mikulka

You! The people that come to Lucidity Festival are coming for creation, connection, adventure, and inspiration. We are ready to experience and create MAGIC! People attending Lucidity will vary from a first-time festival-goer, to veteran Burners,  to a two year old who can out dance you, funky musicians and artists, stilt-walkers, dancers-we are ALL dancers-, healers and teachers. You will run into people you never imagined you would- that you haven’t seen in years-, people traveling from other states and quite surely other countries, people who care about the environment and magical sparkling fairies ready to show you parts of yourself you never knew existed! All attendees are creating Lucidity as we go; dancers, performers, environmentalists, lovers, clowns, angels and fairies, healers- YES, we all are! There will be souls present to help you push your own boundaries and guide you as you experience your wildest dreams come true! Get ready to let go, laugh and blow your hearts wide open!

3. Workshops


Photo by Toni Tone Mikulka

Workshops are one of the key ingredients to a transformational event. They are what seperates festivals like Lucidity from strictly music events.  Thanks to these amazing workshops, you can go to a festival and not only get a breathtaking experience- one that might change your life forever- but also an education. Workshops at Lucidity will include topics on health, permaculture, empowerment, creation, meditation, social change, and world peace. Below are just a speck of the many workshops that we are looking forward to attending:

Maggie Thomson-Kurz will be offering two workshops: Awakening the Words Within, and a Goddess Girls Sacred Circle. One of Maggie’s current drives is the empowerment of women and girls around the world. She has spent many years studying psychology, theatre, and women’s studies, and yoga. In Awakening the Words Within, Maggie will create a safe space with fun activities to take participants on a journey of unlocking their throat chakras, inviting the deepest truth to be freed from within. This workshop will help attendees learn how to express themselves with words, poetry, and song!

Astarius Miraculii has guided Spiritual Communities for over 40 years. He is a sound healer, musician, poet, astrologer, and Reiki master teacher, with over ½ million Youtube hits. Astarius will be leading a ceremonial workshop titled, ‘Relationship Ascension & Sexuality’ which will be held to liberate relationship barriers to help participants find ascension and eventually the Cosmogasm- which we are all a part of already. His purpose is to serve and empower you! Astarius will use voice harmonics and the Digeridoo to help unlock blockages and find our higher, more free selves. Astarius’s goal is that all people can ride the Blisswave all the way to the Cosmogasm. Check out this video of Astarius Miraculii!

4. Music 

Lucidity Festival 2013 through  the eyes of Curious Josh <3 curiousjosh.com

Photo by Josh Reiss

We guarantee the music at Lucidity is going to take you on a journey deep into the depths of your heart and the Universe!!! There will be three main stages along with  a handful of sound camps that generous participants have created to share with you throughout the Lucid neighborhoods. We’ve given you an overview of the main stages and highlighted some of our favorite musicians that you can expect to find on each dance floor below.


This is where you’re coming to dance your ass off, sweat, and go until the music don’t go no more.

The Polish Ambassador– encourages his audience to party in a space suit- be an astronaut- on a dancing journey, he conducts stupendously well. Not only is David Sugalski pushing limits with his music, but he’s also using his limelight responsibly. This past year TPA toured organic farms all around country and promoted sustainable agriculture to get people interested in farming, growing their own food and simply reconnecting with the Earth. His music and his intentions align for a blissful ride.

The Human Experience– You can really feel all the love David Block puts into his sounds- melodic, easy listening and sexy bass all part of the his transcendental music. This past New Years, at Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala, David played two sets and led a workshop on cultivating creativity. This man wants to share his gift and is inspiring people to find and share their own. Come find yours with us at his set!


Our electronic dance scene has a tendency to be a little saturated. Supplying earthy acoustic sets all weekend, the Alive stage is here to break that pattern! INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC FTW.

 Elephant Revival- “Does a flower question Love?” A quote from one of their top hits, ‘Birds and Stars’. This band mixes gender vocals with beautiful acoustics, guitars, violins, and hand clapping for a bluegrassy feel that gets you involved. You can catch us swaying along their majestic and mystical lyrics – arms wrapped around loved ones. Let us wrap our arms around you!

Soul Majestic- Got roots? Soul Majestic does. Check them out for some Rasta songs about ganja and toke one with us in the sunshine. This is your feel good music painting smiles on every face.

Cello Joe- “My love is like a sea-horse,” a self-describing line from one of Joey’s songs, shows how fun-loving and imaginative this man is! Easy on the heart and soul, Cello Joe is constantly shedding his light all over the state of California! Pedaling messages for peace and sustainability, Joey Chang is most well known for his bicycle tours performing as, quite possibly, the world’s only beat -boxing cellist. You can catch him making magic from a pedal powered stage and even ride the bike that charges his sound system! Yum!


This stage offers the more grimy, rough- house, electro play every rave kid wants to suck on.

Christian Martin- Part of the Dirty Bird family also consisting of brother Justin Martin, Christian will offer bump the house beats just right for you! Christian has been creating ground-shaking sounds since 1995. With many different projects under his belt, his current alias is Leroy Peppers. Let Christian shake you up, and we’ll be right there right by your side!

Pumpkin- Pumpkin’s hands have been a prominent set forming the signature rave heart we see everywhere.  A gesture gone viral, his DJ sets have recently been a mix of love and lust giving us listeners a seductive edge outside of the gushy love juice were used to. Wherever he is in his experiments, we love Nick Alvarado aka Pumpkin whose tag line says it all, “Let’s get this party Hearted!”

 5. Art


Photo by Toni Tone Mikulka

Transformational events would not be what they are without the incredible visual stimulation made possible by hundreds of visual artists and Lucidity has always been one to give our eyes exactly what they’ve needed in order to complete the festival’s picture.  Lucidity artists offer viewers a step into other realms of existence. Artists of the past include DELA, Michael Divine, Frances Dawn, and Amanda Sage; with work including transcendental paintings, alive sculptures created with living plant, LED art structures, Billion Jellyfish Bloom-Jellyfish that dance on the floor right by your side-, waste turned to art, airbrush face & body art, and a geodesic dome that will illuminate your senses to their highest purpose!

A lot of the artwork is showcased in a beautiful gallery and available for viewing throughout the course of the event. In 2013, Lucidity had a tea spot within the gallery so that one could sip on yum while gazing into gorgeousness. What’s not in the gallery is even better because it’s happening live and you, as the participant, act as part of the creative process. Throughout the event artists will be doing live paintings so you can watch the piece unfold before you.

The art can also be found in the structures that make up the stages, as well as interactive pieces like Art Cars and play grounds!


Photo by David Pricco

Get ready to get sparkly and get your groovy funk on at Lucidity. Come play with us sparkle ponies under the moonlight where will dance and love all night long. We look forward to seeing you there, where the Sparkly things are…

Get Lucidity tickets HERE!1966692_10101757897471286_3998928034379893367_n

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Cover photo by David Pricco.

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