The World Kindness Tour: On the Road with Kemy Joseph
25 Apr 2012

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I recently had a phone date with Kemy Joseph, one of the Sparkliest people I know. Conversations with Kemy are always refreshing because after a little small talk about the weather, we can cut straight to the chase of how the universe has been treating us, our latest epiphanies, and what is to come of the world. Today we talked about how beneficial it is to be content with our present situation, and, although challenging,  the importance that comes with avoiding a constant comparison of the events in your life to the happenings of your best friend’s or neighbor’s. I was commenting on my recent annoyance at being in Miami studying for law school finals, and probably starting a job at a firm instead of going to amazing festivals out west this summer. Kemy reminded me that Miami ain’t all that bad, and he mentioned that throughout his travels he’s been noticing his incessant itchin’ to get goin’, even when he finds himself in the most serene places like Hawaii.

Kemy has been traveling America on a scooter sharing free hugs, high fives, and peaceful pounds with everyone he comes in contact with. He started on his trip this past January, went from Miami to Key West, back up the panhandle of Florida, and spoke to me this past 4/20 from San Diego, CA. Kemy has utilized incredible networks like along the way finding comfortable homes to stay in with the benefits of connecting to interesting and diverse individuals across our vast and radiant country.  His cross-country journey spreading love and acceptance is beyond remarkable, and we hope you’ll find it as inspiring as we do.


Kemy is one of the most approachable people I know, and while a student at the University of Miami, he made it a point to put a smile on as many faces as possible. He wore, and still wears, signs with inspirational messages on them every day. Check out his youtube page, which he updates regularly to discuss each day’s sign . Sometimes you can actually see the tears welling up in his eyes- love and compassion filling his entire being- and he’s no doubt thinking about how much he loves you. Kemy even started a nonprofit called URAwesome, to remind people of their inherent awesomeness. Recently, the desire to help realize Genuine Kindness on this Earth turned into plans for a cross country and possibly world-wide trip.

His cross country World Kindness Tour scooter journey has a simple but profound purpose: advocating self-love and compassion. Seeing the great United States up close and personal is certainly a formidable job-perk. But don’t think it’s all fun and games: as he travels, Kemy is using the miracles of wireless technology to continue pursuing his Masters in Teaching and Learning, so that he may be a more effective teacher in all things he does. It’s rare that you meet, amongst your peers, someone who completely embodies concepts that will literally turn our society around when they take root- everything from nonviolence to being a good listener, to being proactive about molding your life into what you wish it to be.

Kemy recently visited Hawaii for a week, and, realizing that he had made it across the country already, I sat down to write this article that I’d been talking about since he left. Another great lesson to learn from Kemy- ACT on your intentions 🙂 During our phone conversation he shared with me that things have been going smoothly and he has had positive (sometimes neutral or perplexed) reactions from everyone he comes in contact with. He talked about his plans to head up the west coast, go into Vancouver, and even fly to Alaska at some point. Later this year he will be heading back East and continuing to cross the country. I could talk about Kemy all day, and about how in awe I am of him and how honored I am to call him a friend, but everything you need to know about him and his journey is mentioned in the FAQs on his website and you can keep up with his tour through his posts, which are FULL of inspiring messages and beautiful sunsets.  It’s been awesome to follow Kemy via his video posts, and he never seems far away when I can instantly have him deliver an inspiring message via video 🙂

In a nutshell, Kemy says: “I believe I’ve been put on this earth to spread love and kindness, so I do my best to fulfill that purpose everyday. I live my life with the understanding that we’re all interconnected in this world, which means that you, me, and all that surrounds us are one and the same. So when I took the time to see my own awesomeness, I immediately saw just how awesome everyone around me was too! This realization drastically changed my life and empowered me to be who I am today. That’s why I’m working so hard to help others come to this realization for themselves, because we can all use a reminder from time to time.”

Kemy mentioned to me that he would like people to know that they are on this journey with him! So I know he would be honored if you checked out his posts.

Above all else, go forth and be kind.




P.S. This is for real, and is the epitome of Spreading the Sparkle.

P.P.S. Hit Kemy up if you think he will be passing through your town!  So you guys can glitter each other with positive vibes.




Christina and Kemy the night before he embarked on his journey! We love you!

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