Morning Gloryville SF: Rave your way into the day!
10 Dec 2014

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10568826_749648205078576_1817521599234189456_nThe sound of an alarm disturbed me from my slumber at 5:30am. Confused, in early morning’s darkness, I followed the buzzing vibrations to my phone’s screen. “This can’t be right,” I thought, as I guessed the time and wondered how much sleep was still available.

The tips of my toes shuffling across cherrywood floors resembled the pitter patter of rain freckling outside my window.  As water washed over Oakland I soon realized my reason for this early awakening: Morning Gloryville! I now had 25 minutes to get through my morning routine, center a bindi upon my third eye and glitter up my body for what was shortly to become bliss for breakfast.

Morning Gloryville is a midweek a.m. rave that starts at 6:30 am and lasts for four hours. Similar to Ecstatic Dance, it’s a substance free event and promotes a practice of its own called, “conscious clubbing.”  Morning Gloryville was founded in 2013 by event organizer Samantha Moyo and contemporary dancer Nico Thomas.  Their brainchild began in Shore Ditch, East London and has sprung up in 15 different cities- including Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Melbourne, Tokyo and New York- since its inception.  The San Francisco chapter I was about to embark on marked this city’s 6th episode.

Bindi Perfection: Glitter Bombed with my Babe and fellow berry, Annie.

Bindi Perfection: Glitter bombed with my babe, Annie.

Nothing but positive talk of Morning Gloryville circulated its way to me before that Wednesday. That said, my skepticism remained, as I am not an early riser and with both home and work in Oakland- a city away from SF- my plan to attend would require discipline and strategy. Along with my will power of an experience junkie, the event’s mission, juicy reviews, and sparkly supporters reeled me out of bed on a magical hook.

Several sparkleberries joined me on that morning’s expedition, and by 6:45am my sister Jean and I were connecting with a third berry, Elyse Bernstein, at the 16th and Mission BART station. One cab ride later, the three of us were in the heart of the Mission District, being wonderfully greeted by Morning Gloryville’s “wakeup angels” outside the venue. Through the doors of the Inner Mission awaited a man  covered in silver glitter and dressed in blue metallic pants.  As he crossed my name off the guest list I smiled wide and thought to myself, “home.”

Morning Gloryville offers a wide array of activities, along with a mouthwatering food and a beverage bar to help you get your day started. Like a kid in a candy store, I didn’t know which flavor to indulge in first, so, I took to the already poppin’ off dance floor and twirled my hoop around it for a bit.

Several minutes passed before I realized that I probably should have started off with a yoga class. In mid spin, I put my circle down and headed over to the yoga room where I was able to catch the tail end of Lindsay Forman’s beautiful class!

Spotting Acro Babes- Photo by Brittni Zacher

Spotting Acro Babes- Photo by Brittni Zacher

What a cutie by the way. 🙂

To my pleasant surprise, an acroyoga class was to follow! As the sun birthed itself into our sky I flipped upside down in a playful session led by Davide Di Censo.

Good music was certainly not lacking that morning. Mad props to Rachel Toro, MorningGloryVille SF’s resident DJ, for soundtracking the vinyasa flow and acro play! She, for sure, brings girl power to the DJ’s booth! OooH ah, Ya, everyone danced in-between their asanas.

Now that I was totally open, the dance floor felt like it was mine, and soon my hoop and I had our way with it during NIKITA’s set.

Having stretched and danced for two hours, my tummy was rumbling for some serious action. I ordered a yummy egg and quinoa combo from a unicorn named Lydia Silfin- gluten free chef and founder of Heady Foodie.  Also available behind the bar was Thistle, a juice company serving up raw, cold pressed juices; Kicking Horse Coffee offering organic, fair trade coffee; and freshly churned smoothies by Smoothie Girl, a.k.a. Delia Lin.

After fueling this bod with scrumptious noms I admired the sky-fairy aerialist, Ashe Giovanni and then attempted to check myself in at the complimentary massage booth. *Note to self, (and ever berry)  be sure to sign up for your massage early- these bad boys book up quickly and unfortunately, I missed out this time around.

The berry beautiful Lydia

Lydia the  Unicorn

Morning Gloryville currently happens once a month in San Francisco and is an essential must to mark down on your calendars!  My participation was nothing short of exhilarating. Great people, good costumes, lovely energy, delicious food & drink, juicy beats, and invigorating stretching.  With energy ripe for productivity, I morphed, like a chameleon, right into my work day.  Completely high on the experience, I  personally can’t think of a better way to start my day than with Morning Gloryville.

We are now just one short week away from San Francisco’s 7th Episode and it’s a berry special,  “Pink Mammoth Edition.” Since I’ve yet to grace Burning Man with my presence, I can’t speak from a Pink Mammoth experience on the Playa, however, PM threw a stellar boat party this past September which gives color to my crystal ball predicting a fantastic morning on December 17th.

Hope to see every berry, bright and early and in full glitter attire, next Wednesday!

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