Independence Day 2014: Remember your Freedom!
04 Jul 2014

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Almost every American knows what this patriotic combination tastes like. We've all eaten it on the 4th, yum!

Almost every American knows what this patriotic combination tastes like. We’ve all eaten it on the 4th, yum!

4th of July, already! How did this happen?

I always find myself smack dab in the middle of this holiday trying to recalculate what feels like a premature landing.
Somewhere in between an angel food cake topped with seasonal berries I stop and ponder about the little girl in me who’s still fascinated by the gift of a sparkler.  In red, white-whipped cream and blueberries I imagine families passing me by in hopes of conquering the best viewing grounds for the evening’s fireworks.
Bang! Boom! Pop!
Time, it flies by.
Where did my childhood youth go and when did this day stop feeling so enchanting?
Perhaps Independence Day is just an odd dream reoccurring with glitter magic exploding in the sky or maybe it’s a holiday that lost it’s true meaning in translation over the years and a cooler of festive colored Budweiser- striped and starred cans.
RIP, John! Thanks for the Freedom :)

RIP, John! Thanks for the Freedom 🙂

In 1776, our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, which granted us freedom from the Kingdom of Great Britain. All part of the American Revolution, John Adams set the intention for this day to be remembered as a day of our glory. Coincidentally, John passed away several years later on this very day, July 4th. His day to remember ours.

Wherever your festivities bring you today, I invite you to take a moment to consider the word ‘freedom’ and the role it has played in your life.  Although the meaning of this expression has changed gigantically since it’s authorized inception, the experience through time, has granted many a similar opportunity. Be it the right to vote, marry the same sex, medicate with the use of cannabis, identify yourself as an individual of your own creation or simply just speak your mind; this word creates POWER. Not to be confused with the occasional corruption we see in government today, but instead the ability WE THE PEOPLE are capable of achieving- conquering the American Dream, whatever that means to you.
Me demonstrating Freedom at its finest with a Tupac for president shirt outside of the White House in 2012. #whitehouse, 2012.

Me demonstrating Freedom at its finest with a Tupac for president shirt outside of the White House in 2012.

May we also remember the bloodshed of our brothers and sisters who have sacrificed their lives for this word, FREEDOM. And pray that one day no blood will fall for the justice of the humans on this planet. Exercise your freedom in many ways and forms and give humble thanks for all the little and huge miracles that had to happen for you to be where you are today.  It has been no accident; it’s our responsibility to use it all wisely.

If you feel that there is something inhibiting your freedom- look into that. We are born to be free and true expressions of limitless creation.  Whatever it is that you feel binds you, can you find a way to break loose- even if it means simply reframing your relationship to it in your mind? If you feel there is something beyond your control binding you- think again. We can change our elected representatives, we can change the way society operates and we can change our relationship to all of it.  Imprisonment is largely a state of mind that perpetuates more of the same.  Free yourself from judgment, fear, and negativity.  Notice when you are limiting your own freedom.

To America, Happy Birthday. My celebratory wish is that your patrons be free and use the evolving intentions once set at your origin as a way to always be that child safe and mesmerized by the glitter at the end of a sparkler.



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