Home Address: Yoga Ashram, USA
09 Sep 2010

The Author


This year was monumental in my life—I guess every year really is considering I’ve only lived 22 of them. But in those 22 years I have been slowly finding confidence in who I am and what I want to do. I mention this because of the misconception that comes to people who go “escape” from their lives – oh lets say— to go live at a yoga ashram in the mountains for a month.

When telling friends and family that I have decided to do a work/study program in Yogaville for a month, the reactions have been mixed: extreme joy for the spiritual and physical journey I have engaged in or unease and worry that I am joining some form of an extreme cult and I will shave off all my hair and marry a man 40 years my senior. I understand their worry—but perhaps it comes from me not having explained the process or my reasoning behind it. I welcome the skepticism because it is an opportunity for all of us to learn together.

Yogaville, VA (Credit to Localism.com)

I am doing this not because I am lost, or unsure of my place in the world or of who I am, rather because I finally have full confidence in my place in the world and the person I am. I am confident, I feel strong and I have passion to pursue my goals. This immense happiness has led me to keep my mind strong and develop my physical strength/health as well.

As a journalist (and as a human) I see suffering everywhere. Often, I see that it is caused by the life we are raised to live: full of wants, desires and the consequent pain and stress. Most of these negative consequences are self inflicted—due to lack of general and mental discipline.

In January,  Christina sparked my interest in Yoga and Yogic philosophy , and it fit my beliefs TOO well. I felt at peace with the teachings and found them to be uplifting, empowering—and yes, practical.

I have always challenged myself in life, and too many signs led me to make this decision. I have seen my family tormented with depression and anxiety of their life’s unfurlings, friends unable to stabilize their lives and people outreaching to the external world for their solutions. Me not excluded, I hope through this experience I can learn a discipline that will transcend my life. I want to optimize my mind and potential, and I feel that this is going to be an amazing tool to allow me to live a beautiful life and spread it to those  around me.

I also must be honest—I never thought I would do this. I really do not know how difficult it might be but I want to share it with you all. Perhaps you find it strange and want to learn more about it or maybe it calls on you too.  Perhaps you rather watch “Eat, Pray Love” and call it a day. Whatever your reaction may be, I hope to put my full effort into the program and capturing it on here with the reality of my thoughts and circumstances.

Namaste (“to you=thank you”)


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