Celebrate the Protection of 11,000+ Acres of Peruvian Rainforest
27 Jul 2015

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On Friday, August 7th, Wild Forests & Fauna is hosting a celebration and fundraising party from 6-11pm at the Verdi Club, located at 2424 Mariposa Street in the Mission District of San Francisco.  Come out and celebrate the protection of Mother Earth’s most divine regions with us, Bay Area berries!

Why are we celebrating?

The event will be highlighting one of four major projects that Wild Forests & Fauna is working on: a long-term project based in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian amazon, in collaboration with ARC Amazon (Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon).

Through this project, Wild Forests & Fauna is successfully conserving 11,000 acres of highly threatened Amazonian forest in the lower reaches of the Las Piedras River in the Madre de Dios region of Peru (near Puerto Maldonado).  This land will become the site for an education and research center and a hub for volunteerism and ecotourism, all of which will build conservation capacity in the region.

But the project is not just conserving this land. With a focus on bio cultural diversity, and the recognition that landscapes and the ecology within those landscapes cannot (and should not) be perceived as separate from the communities that inhabit those landscapes, this project utilizes whole systems thinking to address the intersection of ecological, socio-cultural and economic needs. The project is implementing a multi-faceted strategy to responsibly co-manage the region’s forests, creating a corridor of protected forest to buffer indigenous tribes from encroaching development, and generating economic benefits for ARCAmazon and for local people.


What are we raising funds for?

The strategy to protect the land includes a community engagement and monitoring program focused on building relationships with regional neighbors and utilizing technology such as camera traps. The main fundraising goal of the evening is to raise enough money to cover the first year costs of the program.

Dance, Experience, and Learn

The night at Journey to the Jungle will provide a peak into the rainforest with sights and sounds of the jungle. Headlining the evening’s festivities are Rachel Torro, musical director of the Morning Gloryville SF day parties, and SpaceGeishA, producer, DJ, and founder of Spirit Ritual. Devin Kroes also joins the lineup to captivate the crowd with his live electric guitar and looper. Imagery from the rainforest will line the walls, with a video loop of footage of the protected land. For those interested in learning more about the beauty, threats, and opportunities of the Amazon, WFF will be hosting a conversation around the region with a brief introduction to their projects during the first two hours of the night (6-8pm).

Buy a ticket, plant a tropical tree.

IMG_2827 (1)

 Wild Forests & Fauna’s Peruvian partners, ARCAmazon, has a green-fingered plant team on the ground set to build a tree vivero (nursery) which will rear tree seedlings to be planted throughout the reserve in order to reforest the most endangered species of trees, such as Mahogany and Spanish cedar. The money from each ticket will be put towards the construction of the vivero and the planting of one of the trees as part of a 2016 reforestation project. The vivero will also be used to research the growth rates and diseases of these important species. Additionally, the team will grow indigenous fruit trees and flowers for their agroforestry initiatives with neighboring communities. Limited tickets are available here.

Who is Wild Forests & Fauna?

A team of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and dreamers, Wild Forests & Fauna is a 501(c)3 US-based non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring threatened forests through supporting local leadership of community-based projects, primarily in Peru and Uganda. The WFF team believes that to address the challenge of conservation, they must take a systematic approach. To meet the needs of the forest, the needs of the stewards of the land must be met both culturally and economically.

Their website is set to launch in August, 2015. For more information about Wild Forests & Fauna, visit the company’s Facebook here.


 This piece was submitted by Doug Sorin. 

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