Rainwater Harvest: A Hydroponic Future
There are many reasons to harvest rainwater and use it in various ways for your sustainable existence. Not only can you use harvested rainwater for your non-potable daily water needs (like flushing toilets), but you can also use it outdoors or indoors for food production through irrigation. It is a free source of water, it is low in minerals, contains no chlorine, and is not regulated by municipal monopolies and their water restrictions. On average, Americans use 70 gallons of water per person daily. Today, over 1.1 billion humans lack attainable freshwater and 2.6 billion are without adequate sanitation. It...
Occupy Charleston Spreads the Sparkle All Over Santorum: An Interview with the Glitter Bombers
After a disappointing third place finish in South Carolina’s Republican Primary Occupy Charleston protesters informed presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, that his presence was unwelcome in their beloved state. I had the opportunity to discuss the glitter bombing incident with the frowned upon candidate and used my time with Charleston’s Chris Inglese and Adiranna Varedi to further investigate the movement and our country’s current political disposition from Occupy Charleston’s point of view. Sparkleberry Lane (SBL): The Republican Party is facing a lot of controversy from the Occupy Protesters around the country, is there a candidate Occupy Charleston sees potential in, or...
Foreclosure Crisis
In response to Occupy Wall Street’s Call for a “National Day of Action,” regarding the millions of families facing fraudulent foreclosure, I teamed up with my local Occupy, here, in Charleston, SC, to help raise awareness about this issue in our community. The document you are about to read will be printed off, handed out, and placed in local businesses in support of the movement.  Please feel free to comment below if you, yourself, or someone you know is facing foreclosure. Owning a home is a paramount feature to building a proper family; it is indicative of a person’s pursuit of...
All Day, All Week: Occupy Wall Street
It’s hard to make the American who sees no concrete goal or purpose to Occupy understand the importance of why protesters sleep on cold and sometimes wet cement, night after night. Lately, I’ve been astonished when informing my peers about what’s going on at Zucotti Park, and their initial response is “What’s that?” Amongst the warriors of the mass, in the height of the rally, I spent this past week in the Mecca of all Occupies, at Zuccotti Park, in New York City to collect my own observations and report back to you. On October 10, 2011 four of my friends...
Observations from Occupy Wall Street
Sparkleberry Lane has contributors across the nation and has been fortunate enough to have one in the heart of New York City. Sorcha Richerdson, a student at the New School, has been assigned to cover Occupy for one of her journalism classes and is sharing her experience with us here at SBL!  Be sure to read her insightful article after the video, and feel free to leave your thoughts below!  Power to the people. Since September 17th, Zucotti Park in Manhattan’s Financial District has been transformed into a makeshift campsite for the growing number of protesters spearheading the ongoing Wall...
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