The World Kindness Tour: On the Road with Kemy Joseph
I recently had a phone date with Kemy Joseph, one of the Sparkliest people I know. Conversations with Kemy are always refreshing because after a little small talk about the weather, we can cut straight to the chase of how the universe has been treating us, our latest epiphanies, and what is to come of the world. Today we talked about how beneficial it is to be content with our present situation, and, although challenging,  the importance that comes with avoiding a constant comparison of the events in your life to the happenings of your best friend’s or neighbor’s. I...
Identifying the Ego
The ego works hard every second challenging any chance for inner peace, but like growth’s need for rain, the false self is a must and without it there is no truth. But is it fair to blame ourselves for our destructive habitual thinking patterns or is holding our society responsible justified? After a little bit of research and my own individual study I think its safe to hold both ourselves and our society accountable for our overactive egos. One may suggest that we are our truest selves at birth, when we have no consciousness of self yet. The ego first...
The Tribe has Spoken: An Interview with Tribal Council!
In 2008, a group of friends, from UNC Asheville, went on a camping trip that would plant a seed in the conscious shift. The campers set out to a remote nature preserve off the coast of North Carolina and enjoyed the presence of beautiful horses and sand dunes. In the time spent there, they started calling themselves “Tribal Council” and began holding meetings they called “Councils,” in which they would delve into some of the most interesting questions we as humans ask ourselves. Four years later TC has blossomed into a movement with hundreds of active members. Today this period...
Pre-gaming with Lightning in a Bottle: 2012!
Anticipation surrounded many just weeks before the 2012, Lightning in a Bottle, artist’s line up appeared on thousands of computer screens across the world this past March. LIB is held at the Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, Ca and is one of our planet’s most remarkable festivals having won the Outstanding Greener Festival Award the past two years in a row! LIB is an ongoing evolution that celebrates art, music, performance, sustainability, and life . The Do Lab, an L.A. based collective, tastefully selects each artist, speaker, teacher, and performer in order to create experience as an art form. LIB...
Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin
Have you ever noticed how the fall and winter months have an increased number of cold and flu cases? Some people believe this occurs because of an increase in the number of viruses and bacteria going around. This is not true, and believe it or not, the same number of viruses and bacteria exist throughout the year regardless of the change in season. One reason people get sick during the fall and winter months is because of our weakened immune systems. When a person’s immune system isn’t running at full capacity, they aren’t able to defend themselves against pathogens that...
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