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Freddy Lansky loves shows and music festivals. For work he is a managing partner for RITE media group, a video and music production company based in in Atlanta. He also runs a Chess Website and works in the Brazilian tourism industry in the winter time. RITE Media Group Freddy's Chess Website Guided Brazil Backpacker Tours
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  • 30 Nov 2012
    Bear Creek 2012 – Festival Review
    Behind every successful festival lies a hardworking productions team.  Bear Creek’s crew allowed the 2012 event to run its course like a smooth operator. Enjoyable at every moment friends claimed homes in a Spanish Moss jungle for a *jam* packed weekend full of funk. The venue, Spirit of the Suwannee,...
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  • 28 Jul 2012
    Dealing with mid 20’s angst.
    I didn’t realize at the time that my biggest problem wasn’t lack of ‘finding’ what I needed to do with my self, but the self-imposed limitations I was putting on my own mind! I recently had the luck of running into the wonderful Jessica Dugan at Sonic Bloom in Colorado....
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