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Call me Air- I breath it in and dance in it. I am made up of billions of tiny vibrating particles and I was born with the wanderlust gene.
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  • 18 May 2015
    A tribute to Ecstatic Dance Oakland: Celebrating 7 years !
    As I moved my hand with his, I was in a complete state of flow, ever present and connected to the music. Then, suddenly, he lifted me up and I was free-falling over his shoulder, but somehow I landed gently back on the wooden floor and was able to continue...
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  • 09 Apr 2015
    Hop on the train, the Railroad Earth train
    If you haven’t yet seen or heard of Railroad Earth, don’t delay a minute longer; stop everything you are doing (even reading this) and listen: Railroad Earth’s music is progressive bluegrass; they incorporate an interesting combination of stringed instruments with drums (which is rare for bluegrass), but they periodically weave...
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  • 12 Mar 2015
    Vegas and Cheese: Winter Carnival 2015
    7:53am: I arose in a flurry long before my alarm was set to go off. “Today is the day!,” I thought to myself.  I was Vegas bound and giddy about it;  in just a short amount of time I was going to be in Sin City with my jam fam 1 and...
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