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I am only a reflection of you- let us SPARKLE to inspire and be infinitely blessed!
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  • 20 May 2013
    The Magic is in the Juice!
    As the season of rebirth blooms into full fruition, I can’t help but feel a need for new beginnings.  There is no denying this urge is physiologically derived, an echo of our innate, biological call to awaken the hibernating and bundled spirit from the winter’s cold into the newness of...
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  • 14 Sep 2012
    The Catskill Chill: A Hidden Gem of Geniality
    I raised my eyes to peer at the hanging dreamcatchers, handmade with newly picked Goldenrod and Queen Anne’s Lace from nearby fields.  The weathered beams from which they hung, strongly reverberated the music as clear as a mountain-top echo.  The crowd respectfully swayed together, in a silent agreement of enjoyment. ...
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