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Soulful Scorpio always chasing the next adventure in the outside world and within.
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  • 06 Mar 2017
    Beauty of Community: A Review of Gem and Jam 2017
    As our human species evolved on this planet, we discovered that community is vital to survival.  Just as hunters and gatherers stayed in groups to produce food, clothing, and shelter for the tribe, today we continue to teach each other trades and share knowledge that helps further our evolution — the...
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  • 12 Feb 2017
    Jamtronic Evolution: An Interview with Jesse Miller of Lotus
    Lotus has always had a special place in the hearts of jam-fans and festival lovers.  Their music sends you on an interstellar journey while simultaneously keeping you connected to everyone around you. As festivals have begun to incorporate both jam and electronic acts, Lotus has been there evolving with these...
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  • 03 Jan 2017
    Lighting up the Desert: Preview of Gem and Jam 2017
    A music festival in the “off” season is a rare treat.  Like the gift of a snow sport, it provides us with the opportunity to get out for a much needed breath of fresh air during the long, cold and sometimes lonely winter months.   Since 2007, Gem and Jam Festival has...
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  • 30 Nov 2015
    Let Your Voice Be Heard: An Interview with Ayla Nereo
    I’ll never forget the first time I saw Ayla Nereo.  I was headed to The Polish Ambassador at the Fillmore Auditorium, and before the show I had an antsy feeling to get to the venue early.  I knew there were openers, but I hadn’t done any research on them.  I...
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  • 19 Nov 2015
    Surrender to the Divine Journey: A Review of ARISE Music Festival
    Many believe there’s an all-knowing energy that guides our human experience. This motherly force is said to put us exactly where we’re supposed to be at any given moment. Whether this concept resonates with you or not, it allows us to release the stress of yesterday and tomorrow, and live...
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  • 26 Aug 2015
    Expanding Consciousness with Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution
    The technology boom of the Information Age opened a new realm of possibilities for music production.  “Electronic music” has evolved to encompass infinite genres capable of satisfying any musical craving.  This platform allows artists’ creativity to run wild and often results in a harmonious blend of art mediums.  Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution‘s...
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  • 29 Jul 2015
    What Happens in a Place Called Loveland? ARISE Music Festival
    ARISE music festival, in it’s nascent third year, is already a Colorado staple. Since 2013, music lovers have worked it into their summer plans- why? Because something magical happens out there in Loveland, and everyone knows it. Last year around this time, a friend offered me a ticket to ARISE and...
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  • 14 Jun 2015
    Never Ending Sea of Smiles: A Review of Beanstalk Music and Mountains Fest
    As the last week of May progressed, excitement grew inside me knowing I’d soon be surrounded by incredible natural beauty, hypnotic music, and smiling faces.  Beanstalk was shaping up to be a family affair, as I spoke with dozens of friends making plans to travel to State Bridge for the...
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  • 04 Jun 2015
    5 Reasons Why Sonic Bloom Is More Than A Music Festival
    Even though Sonic Bloom is a small boutique festival tucked away in the Colorado mountains, people all over the country seem to know about it. I met two people in Denver who had come out for Sonic Bloom (one from Florida and one from New Jersey), and after the festival...
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  • 21 May 2015
    How the Magic Beans welcomed me to Colorado
    Colorado is recognized as the breeding ground for some of the most talented musicians that exist today. When I graduated college in 2012 and was deciding my next move, a quick look at Jambase and the Red Rocks summer calendar had me convinced that Colorado would be my new home. Though...
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