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  • 28 Mar 2014
    Festival Preview: Universe, Lucidity’s 3 of 6
    Lucidity Universe Live Oak Campground – Santa Ynez, California April 11-13, 2014 The Lucidity production team and community provides nothing short of an awe-inspiring compilation of music, art, food, energy, workshops, sanctuaries, and unique village environments, igniting the perfect platform for co-creation. It is their open-sourced philosophy that truly awakens...
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  • 21 May 2013
    A Preview to Lightning in a Bottle 2013
    July 11-15, 2013 – Lake Skinner, Temecula, CA Coming from the East coast, my music festival experiences have been limited. When I hear of the wonders of the West and all it has to offer in the festival realm, I have always had to fight off my ego and a...
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  • 22 Aug 2012
    The Festival of Gnarnia
    The air was alive with energy as I began the steep climb up Beech Mountain and in towards the Festival of Gnarnia. Our car engine revved around each incline and mountain air soon refreshed everyone’s lungs. At the top of our climb a small town buzzed and roads were lined...
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  • 18 Feb 2012
    Time to kick off Festival Season 2012 at AURA!
    In the festival world, size says a lot about the festival experience, and sometimes bigger isn’t better.  Smaller events should not be overlooked, for they create a strong sense of community- one of the most important aspects of the festival experience.  Amongst this year’s notoriously high volume, high priced festivals...
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  • 03 Nov 2011
    What’s Up Next? Bear Creek Music Fest!
    If you’re anything like me, the fall is a sad reminder that festival season is over. Even though New Years brings a slew of shows to attend all over the country, there’s just nothing like the camaraderie and familial vibes of camping. But fear not! The Spirit of the Suwannee...
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  • 23 Oct 2011
    The Spirit of the Suwannee: Blackwater!
    Amongst the sweeping Spanish moss that billows through the trees of Suwannee Music Park lies an energy I have found unique and profound amid the festival scene. I went to Suwannee with the desire to feel the intimate and familial energy that has seemingly dissipated in some of the large,...
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  • 15 Jun 2011
    Space Out with the Polish Ambassador!
    David Sugalski, also known as the Polish Ambassador, recently dropped his first album on renowned lable  1320 Records. Future, Sex, Computers is a compilation of reggae-dub and melodic beats with glitchy vocals and transient female overlaps. The Polish Ambassador notoriously produces downright dirty remixes of some of our favorite artists...
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  • 27 Apr 2011
    The Law of Attraction
    Through the recommendation and encouragement of others, I have been introduced to a concept that has dramatically changed my life, and thus, I want to share it with all of you. To my surprise, this idea- which is formally called “The Law of Attraction”- is an unknown way of living...
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  • 22 Feb 2011
    The Conscious Consumer
    We live on a finite planet that is rapidly running out of resources. This is a household fact these days, but how many of us really have taken all the steps at our disposal to forestall the drivers of climate change? From zeroing our carbon emissions to refraining from the...
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  • 13 Dec 2010
    The Electronic Jam Band: EOTO at the Music Farm
    Upon entering the Music Farm I can always be sure to see many excited and familiar faces scattered along the sidewalks of King Street. I was so ready for EOTO’s throbbing beats and super heavy bassto rock me. They’re mix of house, electro and trance makes for a really diverse...
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